Pool Safety Hat

Drowning is a sad reality in all parts of the world

Children are naturally curious and are naturally attracted to water yet they are too young to understand the concept of danger this making supervision and the awareness that supervision is a necessity vital.

In almost every instance drownings can be avoided, especially by creating awareness in and around poolside areas with older children and adults alike. Supervising a group of children around water (especially during a pool party or a social braai) can be difficult. You need to be aware of many things and it is easy to get distracted – either by one child or guests or something diverting your attention from the pool area.

That’s where our Ohana "Keep Watch" Pool Safety Hat comes to be a super useful safety tool. This comfortable, red handmade hat should be worn by the designated pool supervisor. If you are wearing the "Keep Watch" hat you are watching the pool and making sure everyone is safe. If for any reason the designated pool supervisor has to leave the pool area, the "Keep Watch" hat must be passed onto another designated pool safety advisor who will then assume responsibility for watching the pool and supervising the children in the pool.

Be smart, be safe, be happy – use the Ohana "Keep Watch" Pool Safety Hat. Don’t live to regret an accident.