Unicorn Kiddies Backpack

Perfect for every little girl...
and for the little girl in Mom too

Magical in every way, from the hand made quality and finishing to the amazing fleece look to the fact that it is specially made for Ohana and is thus a treasured and hard to find product – transform your child’s world to a wonderland of unicorns and what they stand for!

This wonderful Ohana Unicorn Kids Backpack offers a main zip compartment, adjustable shoulder straps, a beautiful white fleece on the outside with vibrant colours on the inside in 100% cotton – this is a magical product that will be treasured by your child for many years!

This Ohana Unicorn Kids Backpack is a super gift idea – for that special birthday, for the amazing Christmas, for that special occasion – its adorable, so use that “for whatever” occasion to get one!